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Written by Admin UTIK.

Department of Food and Agricultural Product Technology (DFAPT) accepts challenges in the development of human resources, science and technology. DFAPT has stated vision that its graduated students will be recognized in their main competenci es by stakehol ders (academi ci an, industry, government and community). Providing graduated students with skills and knowledge in application of science and technology during processi ng of  f ood and agri cul t ural  product including engineering process, chemistry, biology, and nutrition aspects are the objectives of learning process in DFAPT.  Therefore,  the learning outcomes are designed to provide the needs of stakeholders as followed:
(1)  the novel and comprehensive understanding concerning the issue of food and agricultural product
    technology from engineering process, chemistry, biology, and nutrition aspects;
(2)  the capability of the knowledge and expertise development through scientific methods;
(3)  the competence in application and delivering knowledge and technology in related to food and agricul-
     tural product.