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2nd International Conference on Agro-industry 2015

Written by Nugroho Dwi Cahyaningtyas. Posted in Teknologi, Fakultas, Internasional, UGM.

2nd ICoA - International Conference on Agro-industry

Competitive & Sustainable Agro-industry for Human Welfare : Innovative Technology on Food, Energy, and Environment

Venue: Conference Hall, Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University, Japan
Welcome Dinner: Tokyuin Hotel
Excursion: Factory Plan, Ehime Perfecture

Keynote Speakers
(*) Takuya Sugahara
(*) Pornthipa Ongkunaruk
(*) Adi Djoko Guritno
(*) Kenji Hatou

Conference Background

Developing sustainable and competitive agro-industries is very crucial for improving human welfare. It has potential to provide employment in on-farm and off-farm areas. Such agro-industrial activities as producing, processing, handling, packaging, transporting, marketing and distribution of food and agricultural products provide opportunities for the involved people in generating incomes. Therefore, it cannot be denied that agro-industrial activities contribute to economic development and poverty reduction. However, as the growth of world’s population is much higher than that of food and agricultural product availability, problem of food and agricultural product scarcity may arise in the future. Such scarcity might be related to lack of its quantity, quality and uneven distribution.

Lack of quantity of food and agricultural products can be attributable to climate change that brings about drought risk, shifting crop cycle, productivity loss, and degradation of water resources as well as soil fertility. Lack of good quality of food and agricultural products might result from poor quality control and management, inappropriate processing technology or handling methods. Uneven distribution might be connected with geographical obstacles among countries, but providing global trade opportunities. In relevant to such issues, sustainable and competitive agro-industries should able to cope with food security and food safety problems without exacerbating environmental destruction that already exists today. Sustainable agro-industries ought to be environmentally friendly, safely and be conducted efficiently and effectively for the sake of human welfare.

Important Dates
(*) Abstract submission deadline: 25 September 2015.
(*) Notification for abstract acceptance/ rejection: 30 September 2015.
(*) Full paper submission deadline: 15 October 2015.
(*) Notification for full paper acceptance/ rejection: 20 October 2015.
(*) Revised full paper submission: 30 October 2015.
(*) Conference dates: 7-9 November 2015.

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